for UNCONDITIONALcompanions

That is our motto for
almost 50 years now.

" Edvard Varda, UNCONDITIONAL Chief Vision Keeper

“If we loved each other the way animals love us, who could stop us?”

Our vision

If animals could talk, they would say “UNCONDITIONAL cares the most”.

We give them uncompromising care, they give us unconditional love.

Our mission

To enable as many people as possible to provide the best care for animals.

We achieve this through uncompromised product selection, constant education of people so that they can provide the most helpful advice, and design services that make it easier for people to care.

Our core principles


Care without action is nothing.

That's why we love people with initiative, people who want to grow as professionals and who want to support pets and pet lovers.


We believe in data, insights and research.

That’s why we analyse our performance and always strive to learn more and give more.


For almost 50 years we prioritise security, longevity and health.

Healthy animals, people and organisation equals happy animals, people and organisation. :)

Our core values



Life is more meaningful when we care for something. Especially if they are our furry friends.



It takes courage to be curious. And we love being around curious people who additionally spark our own curiosity.



People that provide proper care, need to know how their actions affect our surroundings. That's why we promote self-awareness.



Life is long and that’s why we are playing rationally, for the long-run. And just google System 2 :)

How it all started?

Vatroslav Varda, founder of ZOO HOBBY, 1974.

Back in 1974, the Varda family started
a pioneering venture.

Pets were considered as part of family only by a selected few.

And as the company grew to become medium in size, we are still committed to people as the most important contributors not only to what we have already achieved, but also to what we will be yet achieving in the future.

Caring for people, animals and those who are involved in their management and care is our main go-to-strategy.

An unconditional company for unconditional companions is a family lifestyle, not just a statement.

Meet our associates,
who help us reach our vision


Javier Osa, ICSW group

One way to look at the Innovation is to see it as a process of uncovering new ways to do things. We had some help in modifying our business model and adapting changes to make our products and services better in order to offer the best to our users.


Nenad Filipović, IEDC-Bled School of Management

To be able to develop in today’s world we need to predict market trends and how better to do it but in relationship with someone who can easily look at the broader context of current events.


Boris Šurija, Behave agency

Pets have mind of their own, that's why we need a psychologist on our team.

"To be great in the pet industry, company needs to unconditionally focus on understanding connection between pets and pet lovers. UNCONDITIONAL does that ;)"


Milan Listeš, BE-terna

Today is all about the data. To have quality data and to know what to do with it is not as easy as it seems. Organising information to serve your needs requires a good support. We choose our partners carefully.

Potential employees,

it would be nice to work with you! See how our collaboration might look like and contact us! :)

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Dear B2B partners,

long-term partnership is essential part of our collaboration, see how we make this work.

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Potential supply partners,

we’d be happy to meet you and get you in our network of brands, vet clinics and retail shops!

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